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Session Registration Information:
The only fee that will be charged is a $45.00 Registration Fee for each session. When you pay the Registration Fee, you are entitled to attend as many classes as you can fit into your schedule. TOALC is a program for adults and its program is structured to accommodate the preferences of the older adult. There are no exams, no grades or credits; rather we offer the opportunity to interact with old friends and new. Your payment of the Session Registration Fee and completed registration form should be mailed to TOALC office address found in the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page. Please note that we have added an Emergency contact line where you can fill out the name & telephone number of your Emergency Contact. This line has been added for your health & safety.

All activities are limited by available space or other factors. You can increase your chances of getting the activities you want by sending the Session Registration Form in early. No confirmation letters will be sent so you can assume that you are in all the classes and on all the trips that you signed to take. If your Session Registration form is not received by the Session deadline you will be put on a waiting list for all the classes and / or trips that you signed up for and you will be called. You may not attend classes and/or trips until you are notified by the TOALC office.